eLearning and Hybrid Lunch Pick-Up Information

In an effort to have school breakfast and lunch available to all of our Rowlett students, we are offering a once a week meal pickup service to our E-Learning and Hybrid students.  Please submit a request form by noon on Friday for meals being ordered for the following week. Our order form can be found at https://forms.gle/WMGi9wWh8BWPPEzq8  

◘ Five day e-learners will receive 5 breakfast meals and 5 lunch meals.
◘ Hybrid learners will receive 3 breakfast meals and 3 lunch meals.

The cost of these meals will follow the student’s meal benefits status: free, reduced, or paid.
Breakfast: Reduced $0.30 daily Full Paid $1.50 daily
Lunch: Reduced $.40 daily Full Paid $3.00 daily
To apply for free or reduced meal benefits go to https://frapps.horizonsolana.com/WILM02
Please contact Katie Moore by phone at 941-462-4001 x1205 or email at moorek@rowlettmiddleacademy.org for more information.