RMA Health Services

The RMA School Health Clinic is staffed by a full-time Registered Nurse, Julee Goodman, RN, BSN. She can be reached at (941) 462-4001 ext. 1113 or via email: [email protected]. She is able to receive e-fax documents at that email address as well.

Wish List

​Band Aids (large and regular) Latex Free
Lysol Wipes
Baggies (snack size)
Masking Tape (1 inch)
Gauze (squares or rolls)
Baby wipes

Vision, Hearing, Growth and Development and Scoliosis Screenings


Vision, Hearing, Growth and Development and Scoliosis screenings are available to your child through your school clinic, regardless of whether they are attending school on campus or virtually.  If your child is eLearning and you would like for them to receive these services, please contact your School Nurse at 941-462-4001 x 1113.

If your child is on campus and you DO NOT DESIRE these services for your child, you must write a letter to the school.  In your letter, you must state which of these services you DO NOT want your child to receive.  Be sure to indicate your child’s name and grade.  The letter must be signed and dated by the child’s parent or legal guardian.