iPad Insurance Fee - Gentle Reminder

Hello RMA Families,
**If you have already submitted your iPad insurance fee or discussed this matter with administration, you may disregard this message.**
As you may recall, at the beginning of this school year we asked that parents/guardians cover an annual $50 iPad insurance fee for Apple Care which will cover a repair if necessary (ex: broken screen, damaged headphone port, etc.). 
We have not heard from a number of families and while no student will be denied an iPad or denied enrollment if the fee is not paid, we do need to hear from you if require assistance related to this matter.
If you've simply forgotten, no worries, you may still submit the insurance fee via our website: 

If you would benefit from assistance to cover this charge, please reach out to Mr. Clark: clarkj@rowlettmiddleacademy.org.
We thank you for supporting our 21st Century Learning Environment!
RMA Administration