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RMA 21-22 Stand-by Application / Registro en lista de espera de RMA 21-22

Thank you for your interest in Rowlett Middle Academy. We invite you to complete our Stand-By Application. Have questions about any of our offerings or how the application process works? Please contact our school office at 941-462-4001 and/or email our Choice Coordinator, Ms. Dudley Leigh: leighd@rowlettmiddleacademy.org.


Be sure to check out our "All About Us" video and explore our website too!
21-22 Grade Level Applying Into / Nivel de grado 21-22 Aplicando en*
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If accepted, the following items will need to be completed before moving forward with the enrollment:

- Student written letter stating why they are interested in attending our school

- Recommendation letter written by a teacher, administrator, coach, or pastor

- 3 items for the portfolio (to include but not limited to - copies of attendance or academic certificates, medals, trophies, pictures of the student playing an instrument, playing a sport, doing a dance in a play, drawings, etc.


Si llegamos a su nombre en nuestra lista de espera, nos comunicaremos con usted y deberá completar lo siguiente antes de continuar con la inscripción:

- Carta escrita del estudiante indicando por qué está interesado en asistir a nuestra escuela

- Carta de recomendación escrita por un maestro, administrador, entrenador o pastor

- 3 elementos para el portafolio (para incluir, entre otros, copias de certificados de asistencia o académicos, medallas, trofeos, fotografías del estudiante tocando un instrumento, practicando un deporte, haciendo un baile en una obra de teatro, dibujos, etc.


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