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Why RMA?



Allow our families and students to tell you why they love RMA...


"We were so nervous about the right decision for middle school, fully knowing the challenges these next few years will present.  Rowlett has exceeded our expectations and our son is thriving.  The entire staff has been so accommodating and went out of their way to help us all adjust to middle school life.  Thank you all, keep up the exceptional work.  I am highly recommending this school to all my friends for their children."


- JESSICA HOLMES HOLIDAY, Raving Fan of Rowlett Middle Academy



"So in iLead, we were discussing and reflecting on this past year, and I thought I would send an email to both of you to say how happy I am with the structure and actions this year. RMA has evolved so much this year, from doing every class in iLead to a block schedule. I have wanted to be back on campus full-time so badly but I am still happy with the hybrid model. I really love how the students have adapted to the change this year and have developed more resilience and strength throughout the year and this pandemic. The learning, the involvement, pretty much everything here with the arts has really impacted me like it did when I attended the elementary school. This school year has been FANTASTIC and I really love being here at RMA with the incredible staff, teachers, and students! So I just want to thank both of you for all the hard work that went into making this year amazing for not just me, but for our school. Can't wait to see what goes on next year!"


– BROOKLYNN, Raving Fan AND Student of Rowlett Middle Academy


"I wanted to thank the staff and teachers at Rowlett Middle. I know with all the uncertainty out there right now, I can say with confidence that Rowlett is by far, leaps and bounds ahead. I am confident in knowing my daughter is coming to school and will be safe and taken care of. I am confident in knowing she has had some of the best staff in the county working with her. And, I am confident in knowing that this will be another amazing year with Rowlett. Thank you for that peace of mind."


– NIKKI WHITE, Raving Fan of Rowlett Middle Academy



"RMA is such an amazing place and I feel that my kids are so lucky to be a part of it. All of the staff are amazing and I feel that sending my kids there is the best decision I have ever made."


– SARA CAMPBELL, Raving Fan of Rowlett Middle Academy



“When searching for a middle school that would meet my child’s unique needs, we discovered Rowlett Middle Academy.  We cherish many aspects of the school.  But a few things that really drew our family to RMA were the fully arts-integrated approach to learning in all content areas, free after-school enrichment opportunities, small school environment, and a school culture reminiscent of the 80’s sitcom, Cheers (where everyone knows your name)! 


I know that every RMA staff member is invested in my child and his education.  They embrace his individual needs and collaborate with our family to find solutions that increase his ability to learn in a loving and inspirational environment.  From personal phone calls, to after-school meetings, to chance encounters in the grocery store – RMA staff do all they can to ensure that my child will be successful in middle school and in life.”


– JULIE HERBERT, Raving Fan of Rowlett Middle Academy



“Rowlett isn't just a school, it's a community. It's the community we were searching for when we moved to Florida from Indiana. There is definitely something special about Rowlett, there is a sense of pride associated with being part of this community. The teachers give so much of themselves it's incredible. They offer free tutoring classes and enrichment classes. They volunteer their time to coach sports teams and even attend games to show their support of the students.


I remember one time recently during a volleyball game when Ms. Hannah showed up to the game carrying a sign to cheer on the team. The girls on the team lit up when they saw her and ran to hug her. That same game, Mr. Clark arrived with his family and Ms. T came out to run the scoreboard. These are just a few of the ways the Rowlett staff exemplifies the incredible community.


I can't say enough good things about Rowlett, we are grateful we found it and feel fortunate to be part of the Rowlett family.”




- ANGIE BARNES, Raving Fan of Rowlett Middle Academy




“As a parent of two students, I would like to take the opportunity to share what a positive middle school experience my children have had at Rowlett Middle Academy. The small school environment allows the teachers and the administration to have a personal relationship with each and every child. The teachers always make a point to work one on one with the children and offer additional help when needed.

Mrs. Helton is an absolutely phenomenal teacher! Her talent and passion for music is contagious and it has been evident in the growth of her student’s musical ability. She has been instrumental in developing a lifelong love of music and teaching our children to continually challenge themselves to achieve their goals.

I love that the Seven Habits has been infused into the student’s day to day activities and curriculum. I have seen these teachings carry over into other aspects of my children's lives from sports to church to friendships, these habits will help our children continue to be their best selves each and every day and that is priceless!”


– KATHRYN FREUND, Raving Fan of Rowlett Middle Academy




“We love the forward-thinking leadership culture that Rowlett embraces. The combination of open lines of communication and encouragement of parent involvement help make this community not just a school, but an extension of our family. Attending Rowlett affords our daughter access to so many educational opportunities in the arts that she would not have elsewhere.”


– EMILY CASTIGLIONI, Raving Fan of Rowlett Middle Academy
"As a retired educator - teacher, principal, district leader - I have closely followed the educational experiences of my grandchildren, first at RA and then at RMA. This school year both of my granddaughters are attending RMA. As students who are gifted both academically and musically, I cannot overstate my appreciation for the excellent learning and artistic opportunities they are provided. Go RMA!"
– CONNIE HELTON, Raving Fan of Rowlett Middle Academy
"We are truly blessed to have Rowlett Middle Academy in Manatee County. Having experienced the public middle school system with two other older children there's just no comparison to the environment at RMA. The music and theater programs along with all the available after school activities are top notched. The administration, teachers and support staff are supportive and truly care about the students. It almost felt like an extension of elementary school but with more responsibility and available technology. These past two and a half years have been an amazing experience for our daughter and for us. My only wish was that there was a Rowlett High School for her to attend next year."
– CATHY WILSON, Raving Fan of Rowlett Middle Academy
"How can I choose just one great thing to tell you about RMA? I can't!
I'll start at the beginning. August 2017. I knew we had made the right choice on the very first day of school. I pulled into the school, and in the car line were teachers and administrators clapping and smiling to welcome us. I felt such relief and peace knowing my son was in the right hands. (It brought tears to my eyes!)
My child had never shown any interest in the Arts. So, when he came to me and said "I'm joining band" I was shocked. Not only did he join, but he has also excelled. He has competed and performed countless times.
RMA is a family environment. They encourage families to be a part of the school. Each and every time I step foot on campus I am greeted kindly and thanked for being there. I see teachers and administrators knowing every kid, and interacting with them. There's a focus, a priority and a genuineness to what RMA students receive."
– VICTORIA BIGHAM, Raving Fan of Rowlett Middle Academy
Rowlett has always encouraged and embraced the whole child. While grades and test scores are important, Rowlett has always strived to develop the arts and leadership in the students so that they may excel in whichever area they are gifted in."
– KAREN SPISAK, Raving Fan of Rowlett Middle Academy
"We are blessed for the teachers, staff, and volunteers of RMA for investing their time, talents, and love into our family. We are humbled by the many opportunities available to us to volunteer and help fill others' buckets. I encourage everyone to join in. The reward is eternal."
– JOHN AND TARA WHITE, Raving Fans of Rowlett Middle Academy
"An important aspect for us in choosing a Middle school was to find a small school environment. That is what we found at Rowlett Middle Academy. This is our daughter's third year at RMA and she is thriving in this setting. Every day she is greeted in the halls by teachers, staff, nurse, and administration by her name. The small school setting fosters a sense of community, belonging and safety. RMA is truly home away from home. My daughter is so attached to her school, she never wants to miss a day, there are fewer discipline issues in the school and she feels so safe there that she has been free to reach her highest potential. The small setting breeds a positive culture that has encouraged my daughter to be a leader, become her own advocate, have close relationships with her teachers who know her, know her strengths and weaknesses and they work to both. Choosing RMA for our daughter was the smartest educational choice we have made."
– AMANDA BRAY, Raving Fan of Rowlett Middle Academy
“We currently have two children at Rowlett Middle Academy and we could not be happier with our choice of middle schools. For us, it is the total package in terms of educational excellence, emphasis, and support of the arts, and a supportive, caring environment. It is nearly impossible to find all of these elements under one roof, but it does exist right here in Manatee County.
The teachers are exceptional and take the time to get to know your individual children because no two students are alike. Beyond the classroom, there are athletic programs, enrichment classes and even before/aftercare to meet the needs of busy schedules. As soon as you arrive on campus, you are greeted with friendly faces and a noticeable sense of pride. There is something very special about this school and we feel extremely lucky to be a part of it.”
– JESSICA BAUGHER, Raving Fan of Rowlett Middle Academy
"We have been a part of the Rowlett family for nine years, and consider ourselves extremely fortunate to call Rowlett our daughter’s school. With experienced leadership, comes exceptional educators; and our daughter has undoubtedly derived significant benefit from each. Rowlett offers students an endless array of opportunities to showcase each child’s strengths and develop their weaknesses. Our daughter has thrived at Rowlett, and for that, we are grateful."
- JOHN AND TERI DEES, Raving Fans of Rowlett Middle Academy
"I have been a Rowlett parent for 5 years and I am thankful that my children attend Rowlett Elementary and Rowlett Middle. This school displays love, engagement, and commitment.  The love at Rowlett is overwhelming! The teachers, students, and principals always wear a smile and greet you with kind words! I know that this love is also shown to my daughters each day as they enter school. I drop off my daughters each morning at Rowlies Nest/Rowlies Roost and I hear, “Good morning! I'm so happy you are here!” 

The engagement at Rowlett is exciting and ongoing! There is always something happening and you can be involved as little or as much as you would like. There are numerous options so you pick and choose what interests you and your child. Our family loves to take part in the “Arts Festival” each year. The commitment at Rowlett is outstanding. The teachers and staff go out of their way to offer support when you or your child have a question or issue. They take the time to listen to you and solve the problems/answer the question. I had questions about my daughter’s reading grade/behavior and the teachers were quick to give me resources to help my children with their reading skills!  These are just a few reasons why my family loves Rowlett. I am so thankful that a school like Rowlett exists in Manatee County!"
- YESENIA MEJIA, Raving Fan of Rowlett Middle Academy
"I feel that the Rowlett Middle Academy is a perfect transition from Elementary. Staff Members are very aware of the middle school age and do their best at creating a happy positive environment during this critical stage in our children’s lives."
- MARIAH REYNOLDS, Raving Fan of Rowlett Middle Academy
"There is so much to love about RMA... the small class sizes and a strong sense of community, so many educational opportunities in the arts and an innovative after-school enrichment program, the focus on leadership and positivity rather than solely on grades. But the best part of RMA is the people. The level of dedication to the success and overall well-being of the students is remarkable. They genuinely care about the kids as individuals with unique learning styles and abilities. They make themselves available before and after school in support of the students and the school through tutoring, sports, and various activities both on campus and out in the community. We feel so fortunate that our daughter is able to attend a school so rich in opportunity and staffed by such devoted, caring professionals."
DONALD AND KRISTEN GARCIA, Raving Fans of Rowlett Middle Academy
"My daughter who is now in 7th grade has had the good fortune to go to the Rowlett schools since kindergarten. In that time, she has become a straight “A” student, is a member of the National Junior Honor Society and is a violinist with the Sarasota Youth Orchestra. Rowlett Academy and Rowlett Middle Academy played a tremendous part in who this young lady is has become and is becoming. From the teachers to the administration, each has taken an interest in guiding her and being there for her with motivation, belief in her potential, love, and kindness. There are too many people to name because so many have played a vital role in Jade becoming the student, leader, and person she is today. The school’s encouragement to love reading gave her a true love of reading, something that will help her all through her life. And then there were her math teachers who have been nothing short of amazing and last but not least let me mention that thanks to Rowlett, Jade discovered her love of the violin. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t thank God we found Rowlett."
SKIP NALL, Raving Fan of Rowlett Middle Academy
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