State Standards and Testing Information

Family Portal updates for FAST Grades 3-10 and Star K-2 Assessments.


The SDMC has attached the directions for families to access your student's scores through FOCUS Parent Portal, directions are attached for parents to navigate to the State’s Family Portal through the Focus Parent Portal without using Access Codes.


FAST Grades 3-10 Assessments:

PM1 student scores for FAST Grades 3–10 are currently available in the Family Portal. Families will be able to see and print their student’s scale score, achievement level, and a bar graph indicating the student’s scale score and where it falls in the achievement level.


Note: Individual Student Report (ISR) PDFs are not available in the Family Portal for PM1. Student ISRs will be available in the Family Portal for PM2. Because the full ISRs are not available at this time, parents will not have access to student percentile ranks in the Family Portal. Student percentile ranks for PM1 are currently available on ISRs generated in FRS.

Additional resources below:

Students at Rowlett Middle Academy are taught according to the Florida Standards.
If you'd like to learn more about these specific standards, by grade level or subject, we encourage you to visit the CPALMS website.
For the 21-22 School Year, Rowlett Middle Academy was rated as an "A School."
In 22-23, RMA will administer the Florida Assessment of Student Thinking tests. Please review the parent letter below for additional information.