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FAQ - Summer 2021

Is RMA open during the Summer?
Yes, the office is open Monday - Thursday from 8AM - 4PM. The office is closed for Summer Vacation 6/28 to 7/9. Please note, we have a very limited summer staff.
When will I receive my child's 20-21 FSA Test Scores?
Test scores are currently scheduled to be released to schools on July 31st. Reports will be distributed to students the first week of 21-22 (tentatively).
How can I review my child's report card?
Report cards are posted in FOCUS. Please view your child's Q4 grades/report card via the Parent Portal. Not sure how to connect? Visit our FOCUS Help Page.
I am not connected to FOCUS. Can I connect now?
We will be able to help you establish a FOCUS account in the Fall. The process is explained here: FOCUS Help Page.
Is the 21-22 School Calendar available?
Yes, click here to view it.
What are the 21-22 School Hours?
8:15AM - 3:15PM. The class schedule/block schedule is TBA.
How can I register for bus service for 21-22?
The deadline to request bus service has passed. If you did not submit a request prior to the deadline, you may complete this "Wait List" Bus Request. You will be added to the end of the current list. We cannot guarantee you will receive a spot on the bus for 21-22.
Is it still possible to enroll my student for the 21-22 school year?
While our application window has closed, we invite you to complete our Stand-By Application.
What are the Uniform Requirements?
General information can be found here. Our official policy will be updated later this summer.
Do I need to submit an application for Free/Reduced Meals for 21-22?
We are happy to announce that we will be offered FREE breakfast and lunch to ALL students again for the 21-22 school year. No application required. Every student is welcome to participate daily. More information about our Cafeteria can be found here.
What supplies will I need to provide for my student in 21-22?
Our 21-22 Supply List is available here
Where can I purchase arts, music, PE supplies/uniforms for 21-22? 
These items can be purchased on our website under the "SHOP" tab. Items will be updated and added over the summer. 
I need to return Technology to campus. When can I do that?
The office is open Monday - Thursday from 8AM - 4PM. The office is closed for Summer Vacation 6/28 to 7/9. Please note, we have a very limited summer staff, so you may wish to call ahead.
Can my child still sign-up for a Summer Enrichment?
Possibly, depending on content and availability. You can read more about the available options here. You may email the teacher leading the course via our Staff Directory.
How can I connect to Bloomz (School Messaging Application)?
Invites for 21-22 will be shared later this summer. Please stand-by. Invites will be shared with the emails/phone numbers we have on file for you in FOCUS.
I want to remove myself from the Bloomz messaging application. How can I do that?
There is a small chance we might need to message our 20-21 families via Bloomz over the summer. For that reason, will not be "removing" families until we are ready to upload the 21-22 information. If you wish to remove yourself prior to that date later this summer, you may follow these steps.
I'd like to learn more about Parent-Student requirements... How can I learn more?
We invite you to review the Parent-Student Handbook for 21-22.
I'd like to purchases patches for polo shirts I've purchased. Can I come to the school office?
No, patches should be purchased at Manatee Apparel: 1130 9th St W., Bradenton, FL 34205. They are $3 each. Contact them directly for more information. More uniform options are available. Read more here.