Cold Weather Update

Administration would like to encourage students to LAYER their clothing as much as possible in the upcoming chilly weather. Students are welcome to wear thermals/long t-shirts under their polos. Uniform approved colors, please. Leggings could be worn as an extra layer under their LONG pants. Solid khaki, navy, or black leggings make be worn under the uniform dress or skorts. Please refer to your student agenda for further suggestions. Pairing these items with a hoodie/RMA jacket should likely provide the warmth necessary for most children to be comfortable. 
However, if you feel this would not provide sufficient warmth for your child, your child may wear a winter coat outside only on particularly cold days. We ask you to avoid this as much as possible simply because RMA outerwear makes our students more easily identifiable and contributes to campus safety. We appreciate your understanding in this matter. Please contact the school office tomorrow with any questions.
As always, refer to the handbook for full details: