PAST DUE! RMA Q2 Instructional Delivery SELECTION FORM

RMA families and friends, 
I hope that your families are well and our staff at RMA appreciates your patience, understanding, and teamwork as we provide a positive and supportive learning environment for your students during this challenging school year. I ask our students to do their very best inside and outside of the classroom each day and to also be leaders with their learning and their health while on campus.  
I've listened to feedback from our students, staff, and families, and I have decided that we will be going to a Block schedule for the 2nd quarter. Going to a Block schedule creates a win-win solution for RMA by balancing a safe learning environment with creating more face to face learning opportunities for our students. Students will see each teacher in 90-minute classes that rotate odd classes 1,3,5,7 and even classes 2,4,6,8 each day. All safety measures like temp checks, masks, 1way halls, lunch outside, and social distancing will still be enforced. I am confident that this plan balances CDC supported safety measures, academic & learning enhancements, and social-emotional improvements for our students during this transformational school year. 
Please complete the final 2nd Quarter learning option survey for your child to make your selection by 9/30. You will be choosing from on-campus face to face learning using Block scheduling, Blended learning coming 2x per week, or 100% eLearning. Families can choose eLearning at any time during the quarter, but you will not be able to change to on-campus learning until the 3rd quarter. This survey will be sent by this evening through Blooz which is an essential form of communication this school year. We need all families to check and use Bloomz to stay connected to RMA. 

The survey can be found here:
A sample block schedule example:
Thank you for ensuring that your child comes to school in a mask each day and also for keeping them home when sick. 
Thanks again for the continued support, and please contact the front office if you have any questions. 

Jamara Clark
Proud RMA Principal