8th Grade High School Counseling

Starting on November 30th, the School Counselors will be offering academic counseling to our 8th-grade class. We will start out with a presentation to our students during iLead and explain the requirements for promotion to High school as well as  High School graduation requirements, per the FL Department of Education. We will then begin to meet with them individually and discuss their middle school promotion status and review High School Requirements. This is to ensure that they are familiar with the requirements before reaching high school.
If parents have any questions please contact your student's School Counselor:
J Wyar: Student with last names that start with letters (A-K) - wyarj@rowlettmiddleacademy.org
L Rousan:  Student with last names that start with letters (L-Z) - rousanl@rowlettmiddleacademy.org