Parent Pickup Reminders

Parents, we are trying to assure that our car rider pick up is effective and efficient. To do that we need your help.
When picking up students in the car rider loop--whether for after school pick up, after enrichment, or any after school activity--please place your car placard on the driver's side dashboard so it can be easily read through the windshield. Please do not take the placard out of the window until your student is in your car and you are leaving the car rider loop.
If you have asked a relative to pick up your student for you, please explain the car rider process to them. We want them to feel secure and safe with our process. Please make sure they have a placard.
If you carpool and pick up your student and another student please have a placard on the driver's side dashboard for each student. Many parents carpool and please swap one of your placards with them. If you need an additional placard, please call the front office.
Two placards were made and given to each student (whether they were a car rider or not) at the beginning of the year. If your student did not give you his or her placard, please call Mrs. Colmorgen in the front office, we will be more than glad to make you two new ones. Please keep one of the placards in your car just in case you unexpectedly need to pick up your child. This will greatly help us keep the car rider loop moving in a safe and swift manner.
Thank you,
RMA Administration