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Sangha App Launches Tuesday!

It’s almost time to become a Sangha parent! This afternoon you will be receiving an email or text to the contact address or phone number currently on record in FOCUS for your RMA student (s). Please closely follow the directions which will appear in order to activate your Sangha account. Click to learn more.
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Rowlett Rallies for the Panhandle

Due to the devastation caused to the Florida Panhandle by Hurricane Micheal, Rowlett Middle Academy is taking a leadership stance to challenge its families to help. We are asking each student’s family to donate one 12-pack of bottled water. Our goal is to collect 500 12-packs of water, which will be delivered to the areas most affected in the Panhandle.
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Cross Country Tryouts October 1st

Cross Country tryouts (boys & girls) will be Monday, October 1st. Report to the common area of the Arts building at 3:30 and be sure you have on running shoes. Tryouts should be done by 4:30/4:45pm.
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