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Hello REA and RMA families,

We are excited to announce that Bloomz invites have been sent for all PRIMARY guardians (9/14/20). REA families have been invited to their HOMEROOMS while RMA families should be invited to ALL class sections.

To help other partners/caregivers, connect, there are a few options.
Many teachers are reaching out directly to their email contact lists to help connect everyone. They were just notified of this ability today, so please allow some time for processing.

Has one parent/guardian received an invite? If so, YOU are actually able to invite your spouse/partner/caregiver to connect! Here is a Bloomz-created tutorial to walk you through (or show via the video) this process:

RMA families... please note your ELA teachers might delete one of your sections to account for the double-block of ELA, so no worries there if you see one of them disappear. Also, for classes that have students in multiple grade levels in one class, some of the invites will be sent manually. We appreciate your patience. Again, we ask that you allow a few days for teachers to send additional invites.

Remember, you can connect via the Bloomz app OR If the email/text invites don't work immediately through the app, sometimes the website is a good way to troubleshoot and connect (if you aren't signed in on the app, the invites might not populate automatically).
If you've previously had a Bloomz account, but don't remember your password, you can reset it at We cannot reset your password for you, unfortunately.

We appreciate your patience in this process and will provide updates as we have them! Email (Staff Directories on the website!) is always a good option for reaching staff members until you are fully connected!
If you've attempted these troubleshoot steps and/or waited to receive invites for a particular section and are still having issues, please complete our help form: