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This is my fourteenth year teaching and my fifth at RMA. I am a Bradenton native, and graduated from USF-SM with both my B.A. and M.A. in English Education. My children both attend Rowlett Academy (First & Third Grade). I consider myself a fan of most everything labeled "geeky" and love coffee in all its forms. I am a nature enthusiast—I enjoy hiking, keeping houseplants, and running aquariums. When I am not doing something active like running or fishing, I tend to have a book in my hand. Playing board games or Nintendo Switch with my family are among my most common pursuits. have an extraordinary amount of energy and excitement for this upcoming school year and am thrilled to be part of the world-class staff and families at RMA. It is my objective to make your child’s experience in my class as meaningful as possible. Your child will work hard for me this school year while they grow in their reading, writing, vocabulary, critical thinking, and communication. My hope is for a year filled with positive learning experiences. Challenge provides opportunity for growth; I am dedicated to providing the highest possible academic experience that I can to all of my students. I hope that you will find that I work just as hard for your student as they will work for me.a