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Contacting the Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors may be reached via email.
If you would like to provide public comment at a Board Meeting, please reach out to Scott Brownell.  Board meetings are generally held the 3rd Wednesday of each month. Meeting dates are published to the school calendar, marquees, newsletters, etc.
Below you will find information regarding our Dispute Resolution process.
Objections to board policy or decision or administrative procedure or practice should be addressed to the school principal who had been designated as the parent liaison. The principal may communicate the objection with board members for consideration. The parent or student may also make a request for public comment on an agenda item or non-agenda item at the appropriate time during a board meeting.
Comments are limited to three minutes per person, and public comment forms are available at the board meetings. Individual grievances will be handled collaboratively, respectfully, and promptly according to the following Dispute Resolution Policy. Resolution of concerns should always start with the person with whom you have a concern.
Those who have a question or concerns involving an employee of the charter school or practice of the school should follow the steps below:
  • Initiate a discussion over the phone or have a face-to face conference at a time that is mutually agreeable.  Such meetings should not interfere with instructional time and should not disrupt order at the school.
  • If the concern is not resolved, contact the school principal or assistant principal. Be prepared to give details about the concern and steps that have been taken to resolve the problem. The parties involved should attempt to resolve the dispute informally.
  • If the problem is not resolved informally, the principal will set a formal meeting to discuss the issue with the involved party or parties within two weeks. All facts will be considered and the principal will arrive at a resolution of the complaint. 
  • If the complainant is not satisfied with the principal’s decision, the complainant may contact the governing board Chair.  The complainant must and be prepared to give details about the concern and the steps that have been taken to resolve the problem. The Chair will set up a formal meeting to discuss the issue with the complainant within two weeks. The Chair shall consider all facts and arrive at resolution of the complaint.
  • If the complainant is dissatisfied with the board Chair's decision, the complainant may petition the governing board in writing.  The board will only review complaints after steps 1-4 have been completed.
  • An Appeals Ad hoc committee of the governing board shall review the complaint. After considering all the facts and circumstances, the Appeals Ad Hoc Committee shall determine how to best resolve the matter and send written confirmation of such resolution to the complainant. To reach such resolution, the Committee may contact the complainant by phone to discuss the complaint and/or issue a request to meet and discuss the complaint in person. The Committee will have 30 days of receipt of the complaint and shall send the complainant written confirmation of the resolution. The Appeals Ad Hoc Committee’s decision is final.